Zen-fire, Photon Trader, X-Trader

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    Zen-fire, Photon Trader, X-Trader

    On the above three platforms, I’d like your thoughts, please...

    I need the platform to be easy to figure out. And it’s helpful to have access to free tutorials. I liked the Open-e-cry platform, but had a few other problems that have made me look around. Mostly, figuring out how to work various platform/software has been the biggest roadblock for me, so it must have excellent capabilities but not be overly complicated.

    Mostly I’d like to use support and resistance, but I’d would like to fiddle with chart patterns too down the road.

    At the moment I’m playing with a Zen-fire demo from Mirus.

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    NinjaTrader will connect to both Zen-Fire and TT. We host multiple free daily training sessions on our platform.

    The current schedule - http://www.ninjatrader.com/webnew/trading_online_events.htm
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    I have been using Photon for quite awhile now. It is the least expensive with no per side hidden transaction charges and in my opinion, by far the fastest and most reliable. I also use IB for my stock and options trading but Photon is superior to IB when it comes to Futures. I dont think they have any online tutorials but you would have to check on this. I sent a few of my trading buddies to them and they usual spend time on the phone walking you through the platform and showing you how to set things up one on one. I know they have a real time simulator you can try if you ask them for it. There is also a charting window you can enter order directly onto. I have not seen anything else like it. Hope this is helpful.