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  1. Hello,

    does anyone know here how to get hands on the API / SDK for Zen Fire?

    If so, can you please give me a pointer or maybe PM me ?

  2. MGB


    Zen Fire API is not available to the retail market.
  3. I have never written to an API so wouldn't know. But this I can tell you for sure. I ran Zen against TT and the difference is so little you would have to measure it with software to notice the difference. My advice just go with TT. Lastly get a hold of TransAct's beta API, it's unfiltered tick, supposed to be just as fast as Zen, been out for 6 months I believe. You can write to it.
  4. MGB


    The best thing to do is get NinjaTrader and code with NinjaTrader's API.

    NinjaTrader's first data feed was Zen-Fire so it's pretty snappy.
  5. auspiv


    yeah zenfire was built and then ninjatrader was built around zenfire, so i'd say thats as close as you can get
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    Is ZenFire filtered? If not, what advantage is there to using TransAct's API (which is a beta) over ZenFire?
  7. TA beta not filtered, nor is Zen. TA you can write to, Zen apparently not.
  8. I would add that with TT 7.6.x there are more more ticks than with 7.5.x. You can check with the T&S feature.
  9. Not sure I understand? You mean they show all trades and didn't before?
  10. What I meant is the aggregation of the trades on MDTrader T&S column.

    For example on 7.5.2 you see 4 lots @ 127-065 and then 6 lots @ 127-065 on ZB while on 7.6 I checked 4 @ 127-065, 2 @ 127-065 and 4 @ 127-065.
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