Zen-Fire and eSignal announce Partnership.

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    Mirus Futures has formed a strategic alliance with eSignal to offer fully integrated futures trading using the Zen-Fire trading engine.

    Access and trade your Mirus Futures trading account from within eSignal and eliminate your exchange data fees for US electronic futures markets. Clients will have the ability to trade on Zen-Fire data while using eSignal's advanced analytics and charting, all in one application.

    For more information and to sign-up for this new offering, visit Mirus's site.

  2. cstfx


    Is this something that will eventually be available for various brokers or only thru Mirus?
  3. Services from data providers are usually available to those willing to "pay-up". :p

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    There are already five approved brokers in the program with more expected in the coming weeks. This matrix displays the brokers already qualifying for Exchange Fee Waivers. We're also actively working on Patsystems, Transact, Infinity, MF Global, and Dorman. If you have other brokers you'd like us to partner with for this CME fee-waived program, feel free to let us know (you can post right here or PM me). We remain committed to being broker-neutral so we'll do what we can to add as many to the program as we can (there is work and resources involved with each one so they do take time and planning).

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    Also, current eSignal customers can simply log onto Account Maintenance and add the CME fee-waiver bundle directly.

  6. Great news. Question regarding the eSignal mini package.

    With this package, I would be able to view EOD data combined with realtime tick data coming directly from Mirus?

    Are there any documents other then


    which describe eSignals trading integration. I'd like to know if there is single click order entry.
  7. I see optionsxpress is on there, which now owns Open ECry. Does this apply to Open ECry customers as well? If not, could they get added soon!

  8. Brownsfan - I trade with OEC and I think their system is separate from options express. If eSig can't get to OEC through options express they should hook up with OEC. Can't wait to try to trade stocks with OEC.
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    We have the trading integration done and live with optionXpress and we are following up on the Open E-Cry connection and will let you know.

    The trading integration includes the DOM display and trading from the charts. Besides Mirus / Zenfire and optionsXpress this also works with IB, MB, and PFG.

    Here are more details on the $45 eSignal On Demand eMini product with fee waivers saving $30 a month in exchange fees:


  10. Is there anyway to get real time streaming to non mini contracts with the on demand version. Say the CL or 6E contract?
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