Zen and The Art of Trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by martys, Sep 16, 2004.

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    second time i run into this topic within a few days. what do you mean by that? not to many big winners? meaning not too fat tails in the profit distribution?

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  2. gotta learn to walk before you can crawl

    (reverse that)
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    and i was afraid you would write something arrogant or plane.

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  4. I think he meant analyzing the profit distribution of your own trading... where a small amount of winners are responsible for the most profit? :confused:

    May darkhorse elaborate please!

    What do other people think the core 20% of trading is comprised of?
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  5. Thank you for your help. Do you mean you made the auto-suggestion before the trance? Or do you tape the script?

    I am getting some materials on self-hypnosis. It is funny during my search, most of the stuff I run into are about how to screw with other people's head and penis enlargement. :D
    I think I am gonna stick with the basics. Any recomendations?
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    Penis enlargement through self-hypnosis? Now I do believe that is one I have not heard before . . .
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  7. Hey Everest,

    How does self hypnosis work .. I have a self hypnosis tape.. but haven't seem to have gotten anything out of it.. probably using it incorrectly..

    Do you put the tape on and then proceed to concentrate on those things you want to sink into your subconscious??? Like concentrating on trading properly, patient, with discipline while the tape is playing in the backgroud?
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    I have a better idea. It involves sitting naked in a chair with a big hole in it with a tennis racket underneath and a foot pedal . . . :)
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  9. Disregard previous post..

    asked the question before finishing the thread.
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  10. db,

    I am reading from your response that you are telling me to go f**k myself.. Am I reading this correctly?? If so, have I done something to offend you?
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