Zen and the Art of Trading

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  1. . Its amazing to watch the different markets move in lockstep. Bill Williams said in "Trading Chaos" that any imbalance in supply and demand is corrected in nanoseconds. I think he's right. I gave up the search for leading indicators and moved to percentage patterns but as more and more traders follow the patterns they lose their effectiveness. Its beautiful. The market is a living thing. The pace of change is a geometric progression. By the time you get it, its gone. Now I begin the day with no preconceptions. I am the Market. Feed me.
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    "be water, my friend"
  3. Babak


    Does anyone understand Bill Williams' book (Trading Chaos)? I tried reading it (really, I tried) but just couldn't follow him.
    Is it just me or is he out to lunch?
  4. I don't think it's just you Babak. I've read a couple of Williams interviews that I thought were very insightful and helpful, but his books are another story altogether. After extensive testing and comparisons, I found all of his methodologies to be much less than optimal, and I don't use or pay any attention to any of them. Some of his ideas about trading in general, however ----- from a psycholgical, Zen/Taoist-based point of view, however ----- are right on target, but I've found I needed to adapt those attitudes to my own trading strategies while ignoring his altogether.
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    never read the book. I do like the books by Mark Douglas.
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    I'm having the same problem with Zen in the art of archery . Maybe I'm just too shallow .
  7. I'm not endorsing William's book or methodologies. I just happen to agree with that particular statement.