Zen Analyzer v1.0 Freeware

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Volker Butzlaff, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. @all,

    the current development in the "daily" german Xetra Dax Index with 10 (!) following black candles has me inspired to write a little freeware tool (implemented in PowerBasic and using SQLite "in memory" DB), which analyses such patterns and their percentage out of EOD and intraday data files:

    Zen Analyzer v1.0

    In the next step there is planned to integrate also more complex candlestick patterns. Or are there other ideas for "successful" patterns? You can also write directly to info@zentrader.de ...

    Have fun...

  2. The Zentrader Website is German only. So, is the software mostly for German markets?
  3. Thanks Volker. Can you share your finding about 10 black candles?
  4. Hi,

    it was interesting for me, because after nearly 20 years of daily german Dax Index data, it was (so I know) the first time that such a sequence appears...

    So I programmed the little tool for analyzing price data sets concerning such sequences and other patterns (planned) with the objective to see the distributions and percentages.

    That can be an additional little "helper" for creating trading system algorithms...