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  1. Get a drink and a snack, it is an interesting 2 hours to spend. If you are short for time, skip to part 3 at 1:09 into it.

  2. Don't have to agree with all of it to appreciate. Well made and some compelling facts.
  3. Go ahead and skip the part where it says I was "historized", whatever that means. Otherwise, well made and the quotations at the end are worth noting.

  4. I watched the whole thing a while back. I agree with the first part, being a pagan. What I do not understand is how they tied 9/11 to Jesus's fake story.
  5. I agree, I missed that part too. I thought that was because I skipped some of the middle, but since you saw it complete....
    Will take a longer look later on.
  6. Indeed. It overreaches. The symbological research was dazzling. His interpretation of it was baffling and non-sequitur.

    The official story about 911 is suspicious. Therefore the twin towers never appeared in history.

    Such is his logic.