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  1. C'mon! Buddha was down to a grain of rice a week, and he gained weight. :)

    Actually the diet for retranslation is practical.

    Behavior is not the basis for learning, so as not to put the cart before the horse.

    Learning is laced over day to day activities and reinforced. It's about training the mind.

    When learning is internalized the body responds effortlessly to each new paradigm.

    Till then, the appearance of divergence will seem "hypocritical".
    As long is this is not allowed to build a case of guilt, behavior will gradually correspond.

    For example, a learner may say, "sex is nothing". It would be better to laugh at the discrepancy between that said and the bed... until behavior is integrated with a better understanding of what it's all about. To fight against it, or feel guilty about it, would be fruitless because that would make sex "something".

    And this goes for any other value. Learning does not inform of bad or good, it makes what was valued meaningless. This may take some time.

    Guilt is the way of the world. Decisions for Heaven are not made out of, or in a state of fear or guilt. Those feelings are not trustworthy guides, and the Guide would never use them as a basis for decision.

    Meanwhile, you are free to live in the world and do as you need to do while you live in the world. Do not feel guilty for paying taxes, obeying laws, raising children or for doing any of the things that the world requires, but do not get lost in those things either.

    The world is but a distraction, and it distracts you from Heaven.

    You must live in the world, but not be of the world.

    You do this by doing all things for the Guide out . . . by giving all things the purpose of Heaven. In this way, all things can be used to lead you to the Guide who will show you how to use them.

    You will find that it's not what you do, but why you do it that matters.

    Holiness is not of the world, and so you cannot be made Holy by what you do in the world. Do not be confused by your actions or the actions of others. All things within the world serve one of two purposes: They either distract you from Heaven and tie you to the world, or they free you from the world and bring you closer to the awareness of Heaven.

    All scenarios are within you, and products of your mind. What seems to be because of a body is really because of a mind that sets you up to give a high value to the body.

    The body is neutral. It seems to respond to stimuli. It seems to stimulate. But it's all a trick of the mind. The body is an outpicturing of mind...a multidimensional mental image.

    Ineptness is of a mind intent upon putting limits on you.

    Extraordinary abilities are merely shadows of what you are capable of in your natural state.

    Whether inept or "blessed" with extraordinary abilities, it's all to be "special" in some way or another...different.

    The body need not be praised or cursed, rewarded or punished. It is a neutral pawn following orders. It does not think for itself. It does not resist any order.

    Better to question a mind that masks its motives through the use of bodies.

    Why does your mind want you to give thanks for that bodily scenario?

    Is this not the same mind that intends to age and eventually kill that same body?

    You could take that same thanks and direct it to the Creator of such a powerful mind, who gave it to you forever, allowing you to use it with perfect freedom.

    You could give thanks for the freedom to make up tranquil scenarios with it...even if they are built upon a thin crust of cooling magma.

    You could give thanks that there is another world in your mind...made up of only this kind of scenario, and even better.

    You could give thanks that beyond that world there is your Home, waiting any time you become "weary" of all the other scenarios that come packaged with the world of bodies.

    I just give thanks you're not a hippie! :)

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    If I may extrapolate your reply to: BALANCE
    If so, I completely agree. I happen to think that balance in everything is the key to everything. It sounds so simple but yet one of the hardest things to achieve.

    This is what I have a problem with. Mainly because you're stating that everything is an illusion created by the mind. Once again, it may very well be true, but so what, it's still not reality as we know it. If *POOF* we would suddenly be able to control our physical world upon true realization of this, I would say you have something. Obviously we're in a physical state for a reason and must go through the trials and tribulations subjected to it. I can't get on board because in most religious/non-religious spiritual quests, the calling for body depravation via whatever means (ie; fasting, isolation, etc.) just doesn't pass muster with me simply because mind/body balance is now out of whack. You can see what happens if we just give into physical impulses without thought. What if we just give into mind impulses with too much thought? Timothy Leary might have something to say about this... if he could.
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  3. To realize it is an illusion is just the first step. And the realization will be a little foggy till this information is leveraged with a correct response.

    Speaking metaphorically, to appreciate the view, you would then want to go about 50 yards offshore in the direction of your goal. The resurrection dawns upon you like a sunrise over a peaceful mind and a grateful heart. Gone are the dark, landlocked clouds that keep your power obscure to you.

    Whatever it takes to focus your attention on truth, long enough for it to dawn on you. Whatever it takes to remove the dark clouds that get in the way. There are already enough distractions without making the body another one via flogging or uncomfortable fasting. It does help to reduce it's activity, and it does help to take it away from all the activity of busybodies so as to process the dark clouds in the mind.

    Mind you, whatever is the way, it is accessible to everyone, because everyone will be saved. So it must not be as draconian as perceived.

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