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    Is there a path to heal ? The beauty of a soul?
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  3. The brain does not really think. It is a physical form that gives the impression that form somehow thinks.

    All thinking is done in mind, which is not physical in any way.

    What am I saying?

    I'm saying that the brain, like the rest of the seeming sensory organs of the body, is a decoy.

    It is designed to appear that physical form does something, feels something, sees something, hears something.

    It is built to deceive, and designed to see only what it is intended to see...nothing.

    That is why I use the metaphor "the blind shall see".

    Re: Spark

    What appears to be "life" is the individualization of the oneness that G-d created perfectly.

    This "life" is equivalent to paving over paradise to put up a parking lot.

    Yet, despite the covering over of perfection with the unholy imperfection of individuality, there remains a "spark" that can never be extinguished.

    But G-d did not create "sparks".

    His creation is equal to him. Neither does He want or need many creations when One Creation is sufficient.

    I have called that Creation the "only begotten Son".

    There is this idea that "sparks" of "life" are meant to "evolve" higher and higher toward more and more similarity with the spark maker.

    Brother, this is all part of the dream of separation which plays out in terms of individuality, levels, grades, accomplishments, tests, specialness, heroics, dimensions...ect.

    You will notice that all these dreams involve some kind of "body"...the hero of all dreams.

    Whether this body is physical, magnetic, electronic, or some kind of spiritually advanced "soul", the idea is still the same: separate individual personalities each with a will of their own to carve out their own "future"...their own "reality"...or dream their own dream. This is simply the manifestation of a belief in a will separate from our Creator. But our Will is not different from His.

    Brother, there is no future and no past...for time is an illusion.

    There is much effort being placed in being more awake within this dream...to be ascended...to be a master...to draw from one source of Light and Love, not to end individuality, but to perpetuate it!

    The idea is that you can become some kind of fully realized - albeit individualized - expression of our Father, meriting the title "I Am".

    I am not about that.

    I am about fully waking from all dreams of individual use of power, so as to return the state of perfect oneness that is the inheritance of all as given us in our creation by our Father.

    I do not use the terms "Father" or "Son" as a gender preference or to perpetuate patriarchal concepts.

    I use them consistently simply to express unity and oneness. Words like Cause and Effect, or Creator and Creation could be used as well.

    But "Mother Father God" implies a duality that I wish to dispel.

    Christ is God's Creation...and there is nothing male or female about it. Those are concepts having to do with form. But God's True Creations is perfectly formless Spirit.

    Only in this state can oneness be truly experienced. And because love finds it's meaning in what is joined as one, anything else is less than love. Individuality, then, is the adulteration of what love means.

    Your true Will will guide you to a state of mind in which you find the body simply unbelievable. Look at it for what it really is, and see that it is a limit on love, and therefore a "gift" that limits You.

    It seems to exist because the power of belief was placed in individuality and differences for a mere nanosecond...a tick...a single instant. And just as quickly withdrawn and forgotten about.

    It did not change reality, which does not change, and therefore does not evolve. There are no "levels" in Spirit. There are no hidden levels of mind. There are no compartments, chambers, or unfoldments or any changes whatsoever.

    The "soul" as commonly understood, is an idea of an individual consciousness, powerful, eternal, yet learning and evolving somehow. The source of the soul is the idea of separation in the mind of God's one Son. It is not any more real than the idea that births it.

    God does not require His Son to evolve or perfect himself in any way, or test himself in any way.

    Question the sanity of any God who would require this of His creations, or create anything other than what is equal to His unlimited Self.

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  4. Does this mean you are not going to print these sayings out and put them in a three-ringed binder?

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  5. You learn quickly!

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  6. The reason there could be so many contradictions is because they are only apparent contradictions.

    For example, John 20 does not say that Mary went to the tomb "alone" as you have put it.

    Another example would be where you say that the tomb was open in one and closed in another. This is also explained when you read the entirety of the four gospels.

    And on and on with your supposed "contradictions".

    My question to you is why is Larry Craig being persecuted by the democrats today? One news account says an undercover cop was there and another news account doesn't mention a cop at all. According to your rules of evidence, this proves that the incident could not possibly have happened.

    These things have been pointed out to you time and again, yet you continue to bring them up as if you have a barrel of stone cold facts.

    Finally, all this alleged evidence you bring up is right up there with the supposed evidence that king David was a homosexual because the bible says he "loved" Jonathon. Same kind of unadulterated crap.
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  7. Like Father, like son. :D
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    Hey guys, don't kill what is a very interesting thread.

    Here's a paraphrased quote that "IAM" might respond to, and it's by a modern day man:

    "You have it all wrong.....you think you are a human being having a spiritual experience.

    You're not.....its completely opposite to that.....you are a spiritual being.......having an experience in this vessel we call the human body....the human form.

    Once you get that....once you truly believe that......everything changes."

    Dr. Wayne Dyer
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  9. Yes, that is a truism.

    And when you get that firmly planted, and willing to let what is true be true...then your perspectives must change, and rapidly.

    He teaches well.

    The truth goes a little farther and states that the experience in form is not happening at all...you just think it is.

    The truth would go even farther and state that NOW, you no longer think you are having such an experience...that it was over a long time ago...and that it never really happened.

    In other words, right NOW, you remain as God created you, perfect Spirit, equal to Himself, unchanged, untarnished, and unfazed by this alleged experience.

    Your experience seems to linger until your special contribution to the unmaking of the experience is fulfilled.

    This corresponds to your contribution in making the universe to experience a special existence.

    But in the Kingdom, no one is special, all are equal, and God loves all the same... and all is shared with all.

    To leave this kingdom simply withdraw all the investments of faith you've put into it, and follow the Guide through your special contribution for it's undoing.

    Without your contribution none of the Sonship is saved, not even me. And without mine, you are not saved.

    This includes every member of the Sonship.

    Each has an indespensible role to play that has equal value to the rest.

    No one can play your role for you, or substitute for you in any way.

    Verily, God's Son is not saved without you.

    It's all or nothing.

    All will pull their faith out of this world and reinvest it in the Kingdom, and there we will meet again as we always were...and creation will continue as it always has.

    And this kingdom will simply fade away and disappear back to the nothingness from which it arose.

    And hell will be gone forever.


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    I think Johnny, that we can't put the carriage before the horse. What we are experiencing now, may have well taken place. But that does us no good at present. We can't develop faster than our faculties allows us. Spirit-body/body-spirit doesn't matter. No matter how spiritual one is, he still has to eat... in the present. Try just concentrating on one thing and see what happens to the other.

    Sometimes I'll be in the water about 50 yards from shore. The sun is just coming up, little or no wind, water crystal clear and warm. A few clouds in a nearly endless sky which has a bit of an orange hue. No sound of anything but the sea. I'll glance at the shoreline to see the most beautiful colored foliage against a few dark rain clouds pressed against the nearby mountain ridge... And I say thanks. To whom, I don't know, but I say thanks again.

    I don't know why time and time again, we get chastised for the ineptness of the physical body, but goddamn, it's exactly those physical senses that allow me to have a most spiritual moment.

    I'm not a hippie.
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