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    the source of the soul? Is perception of the earth, and universe holographic? Balance relate to merging of left, and right hemisphere of the brain? Fear is an illusion. Certain religious advocates have spoke about false prophet would pretend to be Jesus. Will there be test forhumanity Bookof revelations reject the sign of the beast, upc, possible chips implanted for commerce? The path to learn healing? Does Olap exist? Karmic cycles? Healing for al life? Auroa? Life force? To question is to learn to expand knowledge. I read something recently from Ms. Shrinner about a fake Jesus st. germain. I love all love . I love you. A healing prayer for all life.
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    the source of the soul. Is the soul eternal? Aura healing? The path to heal the mind to heal the living earth , holographic earth. Ways to learning healing? Raising the vbtational level to get rid of negative energy? Crating postive energy , light ? Light and love is all there really is? Love to all life.
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    Does the soul exist in 72 dimesions? Monad the source of the soul? I apologize this was left out . Love to all life.
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  4. I will answer your questions in due time.

    For now, build upon these truisms:

    Fear is an illusion.
    I love all love.
    To question is to learn to expand knowledge.
    Light and love is all there really is

    Currently your thoughts are a mix of wheat and tares which we will sort out together so that the differences are made clear so that you can make informed choices.

    Question change, consciousness, energy, time, space, form, dimensions, gender, bodies, guilt and fear.

    Do these really represent reality?

    The soul can be interpreted as a form of the idea of separation...as in, separate souls.

    As that idea is played out, the body emerges as symbolic of the separation concept.

    Lift your thoughts above separatism and consider for a moment that there is one eternal Self, spirit-mind, part of which mind is temporarily devoted to exploring alternatives to oneness, spirit, mind and love.

    Consider it is one Self perceiving itself as many and different. It appears as mind-body...legions of them, each believing in a will of its own that is different from it Own Will, and different from any other.

    It is this perception of Self as legion that is to be healed.

    This Self is the "living One". The legions are the dying ones.

    There is only an appearance of death.
    There is only an appearance of birth.

    Both are illusions.

    The mind that makes them is always alive.

    Birth and death are signs that the mind is asleep weaving dreams that seem real.

    And this is called "life", but it is not the kind of Life that is natural to an awake mind.

    The dream considers opposites to the reality of the Living One.
    It quickly degenerates into a nightmare.
    Only reality is satisfying to the Living One.

    Karma and incarnational cycles are elements within the dream of the sleeping mind. They are part of the dream.

    To be "awake" is not only to percieve the universe as holographic, but to be done with perception altogether.

    Knowledge and certainty are the natural state of the awakened mind. It does not learn. It knows all.

    There is an awakening process that you will discover. It will be a learning process.

    You will learn to perceive another world besides the one you currently perceive.

    You will appreciate that world a short while as it beckons you to step from perception back to knowledge, where you are your Self.

    The reincarnational cycle is a dream you want to wake up from.

    You are not bound by laws of karmic balancing if you want to wake up.

    Your waking is subject not to time but to the willingness you offer to wake up.

    More willingness, less time.

    Be willing to see all as one. This means, for example, to see past differences such as male and female, and see the one Self instead.

    This kind of balancing works in your best interests.

    More later...

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    >More later...

    Please. No threats.

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    Thanks Madison, I read the intro. and may purchase the book.

    The "...parallels even occur in myths of cultures that never interacted with each other - ie, there is a universality to certain elements." concept is an interesting one. Not only does it apply to religious concepts but also to the development of society as a whole. How else would almost identical inventions, aspects of culture (language/mathematics), ancient navigation by stars, etc.; be explained when it was practiced by completely different cultures, separated by continents and all happening at around the same time? Gotta be some kind of collective conscience type of thing.

    I read somewhere awhile back that from the moment we take our first breath, we take in the collective condition of the world from the atmosphere, and the forces pressing upon us from that exact moment in time, which makes an indelible impression on our disposition. Hence, Taurus's, Scorpio's, etc., etc., have behavioral highlights unto themselves............................ For years, I had passed this off as metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. Now, I'm seriously not so sure.

    **It sure would be interesting to get some religious members of our board to join in this thread.
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    Yeah, talk about handicapping yourself right out of the gate.
    What really sucks is that they are directly/indirectly affecting those of us who choose to remain objective at the same time. Whether they mean to or not.

    And that absolutely sucks.
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  8. Bronks.
    The virgin-born-saviour-God story was a dime a dozen in those days. There's plenty of similar stories that existed before the Jesus story came to be. You do know the Gospels were written almost 100 years after the supposed events took place, right?
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    Funny that all those years in catholic school that point was either A. never made or B. being of no significance.

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  10. I bet they never pointed out these discrepancies over the resurrection either:

    When did everyone get to the tomb?

    Mark 16:2 - When the sun was rising in the day
    John 20:1 - When it was yet dark

    Who came?

    John 20:1 - Mary Magdalene alone
    Matt 28:1 - Mary Magdalene and the "other" Mary
    Mark16:1 - Mary Magdalene, Mary Mother of James & Salome
    Luke 24:10 - Joanna, Mary Mother of James & other women

    Tomb open or closed?

    Luke - open
    Matt - closed

    Who did (whoever was there) see?

    Matt - An Angel
    Mark - A young man
    Luke - 2 men
    John - 2 Angels

    Inside or Outside the tomb?

    Matt - outside
    Mark, Luke, John - inside

    Matthew is the only one who notices a great earthquake as well. I guess the others didn't take notice.

    Christianity is based on this supposed event. If this took place, how could there be so many contradictions? This is catastrophic for the religion itself, would you not agree?
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