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    This is in reference to the internet movie someone posted on another thread. Specifically the first part.

    Having been born & raised catholic while attending church every Sunday and getting educated at a catholic school; the parallels between ancient egyptian gods (and others) and Jesus Christ was a swift kick in the nuts for me, and has been affecting me for a few days now. I've learned to take these types of claims with a grain of salt, but the zeitgeist packaging was slick, well put together, AND MADE ABSOLUTE SENSE... That's the scary part.

    This places JC in the category of nothing more than a peace loving sun god who never physically existed.

    Although I enjoy discussing theology, I'm not well versed in it and I don't even know if qualifying whether a man actually existed even falls under the theological umbrella. I've done the usual googling but there's some very intelligent cats on this board, so I figured I'd throw it out there.
  2. Take what I am about to say as your first few steps along a truly exciting path.. the bible was written by mystics in the language of the subconscious ie: allegory and symbolism.. there are spiritual truths underlying the stories in the bible.. it is now time to grow up spiritually and trade prayer for meditation and heed what was written above the door of the mysteries at the oracle of Delphi

    Know thyself

    You'll find Jesus again.. but he will be far more than what you've known through religion
  3. "Know thyself" is indeed what it comes down to, as the dalailama has so eloquently explained.

    Am I a peace loving sun god? That sounds somewhat limiting, especially when you consider that the sun has a limited life-span and never physically existed.

    I physically existed as much as any other body...which is not at all from the standpoint of eternal Spirit.

    The world does not exist!

    All else is semantics, to teach by way of comparison. The unreal is talked about as if it happened, but only to lead to a realization that it never happened and so does not exist.

    The world is the incorrect answer to the question, "What am I?"

    And it would keep you from knowing yourSelf until it is transcended.

    I am one who seems to have left my Home and entered an unreal dream world of physical form for psychological reasons.

    This is the story of every seemingly separated mind-body package that appears to walk and talk here.

    And my path back to the whole from a state of division is the same kind of path all will follow...excepting crucifixion.

    There is a call for teachers, not martyrs. The path is away from pain and suffering, not toward it. And so I did not suffer pain on the cross, which was a teaching device and the last ring of fear I faced and transcended through Self.

    The path is simply one of giving over weaknesses to the strength of the Self aspect of "know thySelf", allowing the Self to guide the path back with strength and presence of joy.

    Fear and guilt abide in the thoughts that make up this unreal world that misidentifies ourselves. So there is required a vigilance as each unreal thought is relinquished to Self for healing, until there is full surrender to love and innocence and strength.

    Given time, and enough seeming incarnational cycles, all will achieve the same kinds of learning accomplishments as I, for the Teacher is the same for all, leading to the same destination back to the same point of departure.

    The necessity for teaching and learning only came about at the point of departure when knowledge was denied in favor of perception...a state in which nothing can be certain.

    From Him you will learn of equality, glory, magnitude, and the joy of peace. All have this Teacher equally, available equally, Who teaches in a way that returns your awareness to equality with Him, and equality with God.

    This Self is the same for you and me. This Self we share. It is this Self Who wishes to be one always, as He was created. This is the One Who gathers up the pieces of an illusion of Himself, lost in time and space and form.

    I merely demonstrated what it looks like to listen, learn, and teach how to drop fear and guilt and illusions of Self, allowing the undesirable idea of individualized will - personhood - to fade away in favor of One Will that is my Own.

    The idea of One God was developed by Akenaton. Moses subscribed to the idea. But it was still a bit sketchy. This God was a picture of conflict and confusion as it was an amalgam of god concepts and image-projection.

    I discovered that this One God is within, not "out there", or separate from you in any way.

    Similarly, I discovered that what seems to be "out there" is really inside. And that what we see is first seen inside.

    This led to the discovery that both Light and darkness are inside...Spirit and form...Heaven and hell...God and devil...truth and lies. And only one of these is our unchangeable reality. All the rest can be changed and the faith invested hell can be withdrawn and invested in Heaven.

    This induces a "waking" experience, in which Truth dawns on the mind as Light. This is the meaning of "resurrection".

    Resurrection of mind demonstrates that none of the "laws" of a split mind apply to the certain, single-minded.

    The world will pass away because the thoughts that give rise to its seeming solidity will simply be withdrawn and forgotten. All healing is for a split mind and its distorted perceptions. As the whole mind is healed, the worlds simply disappear.

    In time, which is a holographic illusion, this may take some more millions of years, as each seemingly separated mind-body package awakens to the reality of One Self and is willing to "know" that Self.

    All will return willingly. Meanwhile, all experience some form of crucifixion or another. That is simply the nature of the beast until perceptions are allowed to be healed by One Self.

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    Separating personal and spiritual beliefs aside, I'm more interested in this thread to be about the actual existence of Jesus in the physical (biological) form. To me this is crucial because the vast majority of the world cannot comprehend the spiritual concept of JC's teachings with out having a living, breathing concept holding their hand and pushing them along.

    One of my close friends is a devout Jehovah's Witness. He's smart enough to look at things logically and objectively. However, he would never be able to see this film in an objective manner and in all probability, regard it as blasphemous and renounce it as the Devil's work... just because.

    If the existence of a physical Jesus could be disproved, everything these religions hang their hats on, would instantly crumble. Well, probably not instantly. That might be a little optimistic. Imagine a devout christian learning everything he believed in, was not real.

    EDIT: I myself don't believe in the concept of religion. That being said, this film still threw me for a loop.
  5. Bronks -

    If you are interested in exploring further, one place to start is with Joseph Campbell, who wrote extensively on comparative mythology.

    Particularly interesting is that there are a great number of parallels, and outright identical elements, between myths and religious stories of cultures around the world. However, these parallels even occur in myths of cultures that never interacted with each other - ie, there is a universality to certain elements.

    Here's a bit of introduction to a great book:


  6. Bingo.
    "Just because".

    Forget the actual existence, of an actual prophet, any prophet, they are ALL based on the relative interpretation of -an, evidently, previously mysterious "god" of some description, requiring a "prophet"of some sort to figure it all out.

    "Convert to islam, and worship the mercifull allah.
    Or, we'll kill you!!!"

    Same shit, different flavour.
  7. I saw the movie as well. Is everything true in that movie? If so, the world has fallen prey to the biggest con ever. I think religion was invented for social control of the population. They brainwash the kids from a young age to behave themselves or else they'll burn in hell for eternity.

    Many of the different gods by different cultures in the movie had the same story as Jesus. Markings on the wall by the Egyptians, before Jesus's birth, depicted the same story as Jesus. It leads me to believe that we have been all lied to.
  8. Its all about the collection plate.
  9. The story handed down in popular circles is not accurate.

    So in a way, you've allowed mistakes to penetrate your perceptional filters as truth was filtered through dark minds.

    Are you not able to look beyond the hype and see that there was a catalyst that gave rise to much speculation?

    And because the catalyst is misrepresented the catalyst did not teach for ears to hear?

    The catalyst sowed seed on four different types of soil. Each type handled the seed differently.

    Each type of soil bore seed accordingly.

    You are assuming you have all the facts, and can then make a judgement.

    Let him who has ears, hear.

    The world is a movie in your mind in which the truth can be obscured from yourself.

    What is different with this Zeitgeist?

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