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  1. The graphic that they have to demonstrate their platform looks very similar to forex.com's platform - maybe they are simply an introducing broker?
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    SHITTY: the spreads aren't the best in the business. 8 pips on the euro and sometimes as high as 25 on gold. they always seem to place it RIGHT on key resistance/support levels.

    BAD: platform is pretty shoddy at printing candles. the candle won't register the data until 30-150secs. this was good for me because it taught me to watch the tick data

    GOOD: data feed is to notch. you get fractional pip numbers-- this lets u see the real action.

    VERY GOOD: they aren't crooks. there was an error one time while trading gold. i didn't receive any data for about 1 hour on a sunday night right after the open. i provided screen shots and talked to someone in tech support and they refunded my money without any problems or protests.