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    This moron sent me a pm about saxo bank and thought he/she wanted to have a serious conversation. Then he asked me about why I use their when I should use there. So I told him about my learning disability and sometimes I write words out wrong. He sends me back another pm that due to the length of my reply he didn't read my message. He asked me a personal question and I answered him. I guess he doesn't have the brainpower to read the message. Nevertheless I guess that's why there's a block feature and I have just added this moron. Don't you just love people that waste your time for nothing. Why go though the trouble to ask people stupid questions! Apparently didn't want an answer moron.
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    This is my reply to why I write their insted of there to this shallow person zdreg:

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    So I guess you weren't just asking me but you were harassing me. Terrorist lowlife!

    Don't bother answering me I have you on block but I want everyone in the ET community to know you pm'd me getting personal. I know you want me to think I'm unintelligent but believe me your not on my level and you don't have my brainpower. I will continue to have my opinion here on ET weather you like it or not. You won't be able to harass me again with your mental abusive lowlife. I don't care how much money you have because you don't have a life. Proof is by your pm's. If you think your so much better than me you wouldn't go out of your way to make insults and then not even bother to read my reply to your hidden insult. You just proved what you are but you can't face your own image. You didn't read my message because you are not on my level. You sent me back a pm saying you didn't read it do to the length just to get to me. I'm glad I didn't reveal any personal business things to you giving you any benifit of talking to me. I may have even thought you were ok but now forget it.
    You may have gotten to me but you messed with the wrong person and I will reveal to everyone what you are zdreg. A shallow coward.
  4. I smell an Oprah (C) Special in your future
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    I didn't read that long ass pm either.
  6. I did, took 20 seconds, big deal.

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