zcn8/zcz8 or any grain traders

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  1. no one has been posting in the ag forums

    getting long july selling dec
  2. sorry hit the enter button on accident. anyways this spread looks good, any weather or production problems we will see july really gain on dec. It's a speculative play but i feel good about it. lets start bouncing ideas off eachother guys. ag forums have been quiet. also looking at 09 wheat spreads. buying march selling july. with how low the carryover will be even a HUGE crop will be prone to any kind of stress. any ideas/thoughts/debates??
  3. Shagi


    Wheat is is finished - play it on the short side

    If you want to make money on the long side go for bean complex - huge rally started on Friday
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    Wheat sell off
  5. Shagi


    Strong soybeans but looking like a struggle to break higher from 2 month price congestion area
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