Zcash is making progress

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  1. Zcash is a cryptocurrency aimed at using cryptography to provide enhanced privacy for its users compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

    ZCash is releasing a new update known as Sapling, which will offer faster transactions while shielding ZCash addresses. The update will make ZCash even more attractive to investors who want to maintain privacy in the fast decentralized payment network.

    Bittrex Introduces New Trading Pairs with the Dollar for Cardano and Zcash
    Zcash: all you need to know

    How do you think Zcash?
  2. IMV... all cryptos are bogus. Based upon nothing more than the hope "some greater fool" willing to pay more for it... and who knows why? (Besides the "greed" thingy, of course.)

    I'm surprised the "crypto craze" has lasted as long as it has. I could end up being waaay wrong about all of this, of course. School is still out on it, however.

    The chart on zcash is hardly bullish.

    I'm still considering the notion, "All cryptos might crash to zero". If that's the case, Bitcoin will hold up the longest.
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  3. I agree, the crypto currency only holds value as long as people assume it has value. Once that feeling changes, you're left with nothing. The same can be said for today's fiat currencies like the US dollar, but the dollar does have the backing of things like the US military, so I feel it's a safer better than a bit coin.