ZBRA - Zebra Tech.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by sabunabu, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. sabunabu


    Anyone following this stock? I bought in around $36.75 after the sharp dip and am wondering if anyone else saw it as a buying opportunity? They are the leaders in RFID technology and have shown great growth with taking on almost zero debt (how a growth co. does this, I don't know--very rare at least).

    Anyone else have thoughts?
  2. Hi sabunabu -

    I have traded ZBRA, have some currently and follow it (& its industry).

    ZBRA is in longer term down trend since peaking late last year @ just over $60.

    It seems to have bottomed & recent analyst recommendations are beginning to turn positve (latest from Weeden targets move to 60).

    Today's action may in part be attributed to settlement by SBL of infringement suit with division of UNOVA. this may be a positive for RFID industry & thus for ZBRA.

    Crucial will be testing of low 40's where its 50 & 200 dma's are.

    I'm with you in hoping it can begin a decent move upward.

    Good Luck !! cowpok1027