ZB & ZN volumes on bid/offer

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by tomcole, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. tomcole


    Why are the volumes on bid/offer so small lately? Where there used to a few thousand lots, sometimes theres only 5 or 10 and even a tick wide spread during the day.
  2. JayS


    Top step is now Sept.
  3. tomcole


    I need to be taken out & shot for such a stupid question - sorry.
  4. mcurto


    Sep is the front month now, but even today Sep was only showing 300-500 up later this afternoon. Biggest local took off early today so that thinned out the screen a little bit. When Brumfield was active earlier in the morning he was showing some size offers on the way down in the T-notes. He is usually the one showing biggest size on the screen in ten-years. Also, it has become more volatile lately so some orders as a result are being put in the pit, but for the most part was because it was quiet today.