(ZB) 30 year T Bond

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    ZN and ZF could be 0.01 ticks.
    But ZB depth is too shallow for 0.01 tick increment.
    About 10 years ago they changed ZB from 1/32 ticks to 1/64 ticks but they had to revert back after a year to 1/32 because each level was too thin.
    There was not a multi tick wide spread as you might think, but each 1/64 level was populated with about 60 contracts. Instead of several hundred contracts when the tick size is 1/32.
    Basically liquidty/depth shrank because the Market Makers and scalpers didn't like the smaller spread.
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    How many on ET trade >60 bonds at a clip? Anyway, 1/(2^n) ticks are an accounting nuisance. Bunds trade fine in 0.01s.
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  3. maxinger


    T bond, notes, corn, soya, wheat, cattle, hog futures all use non decimal stuff.
    The exchange chief should have used decimal places right from the start.

    We have to live with the non decimal stuff.
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    The treasury bond pricing scheme makes getting Excel functions to work a real pain!
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    But admittedly you'd have to be a fairly dimwitted American not to be able to divide, multiply, add and subtract by ten in your head. Whereas mental arithmetic in 32nds or 64ths, unless you are a professional carpenter, is not so intuitive. Let's just decimalize everything and get on with it. Or would you rather we adopted a number system in base 32 instead of base 10? That's another way to go to make arithmetic in 32nds easier. ;)
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