ZAP - Lotus - 155MPH Electric SUV.

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  1. Well, I got a phone call from my long time partner, Gary Starr, yesterday. He and I founded ZAP (back in 1994 after selling U.S. Electricar) - he called to say he was heading for Vegas for the NADA show, and that he wanted to show me the latest project. He's Chairman of Zap.

    "It's very satisfying that ZAP's proposed new model will make use of a great deal of the APX concept's advanced body structure and chassis technology."

    -- Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc


    What other's have said:

    I'll tell you guys how it handles after this weekend.

    (We can move this to chit chat later, I'm just excited)

    My electric car from "back in the day" - yes, this is me, LOL.


    P.S. This is not a stock recommendation or anything to do with Bright Trading

    Don :)
  2. I'll take one of these, please.

    Electric, or Ethanol, Gasoline, and Natural Compressed Gas - depending on model.

    I want one now, please.
  3. Prior to his discovery of the really good times at Bright Trading was, "... My electric car from back in the day...", when Deadhead, surfin'-tanned and then-slim 250-pound Don (car lists only slightly to reader's right) hustled the Greening of America dream ahead of its time, flirted with his Strat, hid out from smarter, older brother Bob, and tooled around in a cool convertible to zap babes.

    Hey, isn't that Mav's first girlfriend behind the Incognito sunglasses?...
  4. The Lotus APX ([All]-Aluminum Performance Crossover)

    Lotus APX


    [Source: Group Lotus]
  5. The Zap car's not bad looking what do you think topdown? I think Phoenix with it's truck/SUV mentality might be taking the better approach. It's the big SUV's we have to get off the road not little sports cars that already don't consume that much gas or spit out the emissions of a truck. If you know computers better than I do (God I hope you do- I'm an idiot with them) could you place some pretty pictures of the phoenix here please?

    Another problem with the " zap " is I think those rent and park anywhere cars are called " zip " cars too confusing.
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    The Zap is pretty sharp, reading the performance specs, it certainly seems like it is using ALTI's battery. Here is a photo of the Phoenix as requested (I hope I formatted it correctly).

    "C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff\My Documents\sut_front3_large.jpg"[img]

    And check out the latest news clip. It does seems like Phoenix is getting all the press.

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    Oh well, at least I got the link right. Another try on the photo:

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