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  1. vanzandt


    I figured I'd just start a journal with all my ADHD trades and not clog Baron's stock forums with my daily forays in and out of this scam we call the markets.

    So welcome to Zandyland... Quick trades, swing trades, political commentary, enlightening insights, humor and an all around good time. Not all trades are winners,.... but always being positive is the mark of a winner. Winners are welcome here.
  2. Handle123


    I love that game, use to play it with my son everyday, and now my son day trades and we still playing the same games.
  3. vanzandt


    aapl $108 puts... 10@ $2.30
  4. newwurldmn


    sold of bot? your language is sold.
  5. vanzandt


    Unfortunately bought. Sold @2.16. Could have been worse. Came down at the close.
  6. vanzandt


    overall...a bad week.

    Had I just held my HD puts, I would be way up. Stupid stupid stupid. But HD scared me at the top.
  7. vanzandt


    Picked up a couple pcln $1450 puts. The way this week is going.... the sob will probably close at $1600
  8. vanzandt


    OK... Time to slaughter the big fat Dollartree pig.

    Got the Aug 19th $100 puts for $3.35. I'm gonna sit on this one. No HD this time around.

    Overpriced ghetto assed junk stores:D Die piggy!
  9. vanzandt


    Ohhhh PCLN is comin' down! Look at that low volume... Maybe it'll close below $1100 today and I'll get back some of that HD gouging I took. POS!@#$#$

    Fugit... I'm goin' jogging.:finger:
  10. vanzandt


    Black flag day out there.

    PCLN coming in nicely. I guess the squeeze is over.
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