Zack Stock Challenge Trading System

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  1. The winner of the 2nd Quarter ZACKS stock challenge
    traded under the alias of "shoelessjoe". Shoeless Joe's trading record during the competition was exceptional producing 1,810.48% profit over a 3 month period. Also exceptional was the consistency of the approach which produced a very high percentage of winning trades and very very
    modest draw down while trading the account relatively aggressively (each trade frequently involved commitment of approximately 20% of the account's value).
    The trading history of this winning competitor can be found on the web at

    After reviewing the trading history of Shoeless Joe it is apparent that shoeless employed a disciplined system of short term trades (frequently on periods of 30 minutes to several hours) using very high beta high momentum stocks to achieve his exceptional results.

    Is anyone aware of a system or combination of techniques that could produce this kind of performance?

    Can anyone suggest a real time stock scanning system that identifies short term high momentum trades in attempt to duplicate the performance of shoelessjoe in this Zack Stock competition?