Zachs Report Says 100% Upside Reversal Started 03/03/11

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  1. Ok, buy everything NOW!!
    Then have a fun weekend, LOL
  2. Yep !
  3. LOL

    I know Ben Zacks and his Brother.

    A friend of mine was Ben's key trader frm the Zacks office downtown Chicago.

    Ben is a good guy but not so sure about Zacks Research. (His brother runs that end).

    Ben's Hedge Fund is pretty much a balanced portfolio, both long and short. Both sides are equally balanced. At least it was back in 1999.

    Not sure BEN is betting on the 100% upside.
  4. $LOCM running short squeeze_
  5. Antman_1964, almost ready !
  6. antman_1964, here you go per your request. look for your self, AGAIN weekly and monthley candles this picture is weekly candles
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  8. $LOCM MOBILE COMING !_Greg Xxxxxxx
    No discussion re smartphone app at that show, although there will be something mobile coming.
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