Z10's 10.000 post will be.....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by acronym, Jan 14, 2006.

Z10's 10.000 post will be.....

  1. Informative and objective, as always

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  2. Fascinating, and diligent commentary on current affairs

    5 vote(s)
  3. About a lost puppy

    3 vote(s)
  4. An ad-hominim of some sort, or have the word in the post

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  5. If you could possibly care less, it would be truly astonishing

    6 vote(s)
  6. A liberally biased copy and paste of some sort

    14 vote(s)
  7. an admission he is actually george bush, feeling bad for abandoning liberalism for politically oppor

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  8. Who is Z?

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  1. Huge effort from Et's most dedicated poster.

    Why, well who knows, but its quite remarkable im sure.

    203 to go, unless theres been some more while this is typed up, (quite likely) but heres your chance to have your say.
  2. Arnie


  3. Ever think his dogged persistency sorta smells of being on the preverbal ET payroll? :D
  4. Smell the quality!!!:D
    Looks like early punters are running with the odds on this one, VERY short price fav on option number six, i cant see the 4, 5, options challenging toward the line on this one;

    the rest RANK outsiders for the time being,
    EVERYONE loves lost puppy stories, you would think some sentiment would come in there-
    but it doesnt look good for the GWB admission, nor our poor neglected lost puppy right now .

  5. Only 80 to go, as the superbowl approaches, looks good for the big 10000 by the end of the week if averages are anything to go by.

    Average is as average does.

  6. Only 47 to go, an unexpected blitzkreig of posts, maybe the end of the week was WAY to long to wait for the big 10k.

    Utilising all the resources at hand, and what can only be presumed to be a truly BIZARRE image file,

    Z posts are racking up faster than the checkout at a christmas sale, its all happening!!

    But what about the poor lost puppy?
  7. yes, Z's meds are apparently screwy this week - check the weird series of posts on the thread cited above.

    I'm telling you, Z is off form. In an unexpected twist, I find myself worrying about him. I see him sitting in his underwear, in his own filth, his posts getting more and more bizarre. Poor guy has some serious issues, but he is a human, and one of us.
  8. I've wondered about it, and I am sure that Z is having the last laugh because as long as he gets huge page views, he will always have a place here. However, I have talked to Baron enough to believe that he is not the kind of guy that would stoop to this kind of thing. Z is just a lost soul trying to find meaning in his life.
  9. 17 posts to go, at the average of 16.9 a day, this will be wrapped up in no time flat.
    Still no indication as to what the 10.000th post will be, ill bet it will be good though.

    Hey, does anyone know who currently has the most ever posts?:)
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