z10 how did you miss ths one?

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  1. "Just win baby"
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  3. I don't think its merely a coicidence that things are crashing just as Liberals are about to take total control of this country.
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    After watching that video, could someone please remind me why we did away with sterilization.
  5. Sterilization is not the answer. Proposing a mandatory minimum IQ test score to vote should be the answer.
  6. Did Zogby force those answers or dub the film?

    What exactly did it "debunk"?

    It just proves the media elected Obama and reverse racism.

  7. The funny thing is that most of the liberals think all conservatives are racist after looking at three racist videos.

    Once they see a video like this they think it's totally fake and irrelevent.

    No brain is more chemically imbalanced than a liberal's.
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