Z indice for ftse 100 futures why is it so quiet?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by davidcamm, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Hi

    The Z indice used to be busy but now only trades slowly, anyone know why? It is Z 12-08 contract, t it was the 09-08 when it was busy.

  2. No-one wants to play any more.

    Until this bail-out plan is settled people don't want to get in to new positions - It's traded the same volume today as the DAX,both about 75K as of now,pretty quiet everywhere.

    Also,a lot of people got badly burnt when the plan was rejected.

    Once bitten,twice shy.
  3. I know its quiet today but the Z has been quiet for 2 weeks now, it used to be as busy as the FDAX and the ER2 that was:mad:
  4. Maybe Lehman were big players in the FTSE?

    I never realised FDAX and Z were as busy as one another.

    I always thought DAX future was much bigger than FTSE future in just about every way,open interest,daily volumes,trader participation,the lot.

    Oh well,you live and learn.Hope it picks up soon.