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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by vedanta, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. vedanta


    Any opinions on trading Z futures, its daily volume is low compared to DAX and ESTX50 , does this mean this is a thin market and orders from retail traders can be easily manipulated by the Market Makers ?

    The typical volume ranges from 20K to 70K, surely this is a liquid market and not subject to any price manipulation, in other words if the market fails to reach your target price by one tick and turns around, this is because the market really was going to turn and not because of price manipulation ?, I believe LIFFE can see your exit levels once your order is executed
  2. dealer


    I you are a scalper or daytrader then there are other markets that are better, but if you are a position trader then it is certainly a market that you can trade alongside dax, smi, eurostoxx etc.
  3. vedanta


    I am a daytrader, which other markets would you recommend ?
    In your opinion why would these markets be better , because of better volume ?

  4. vedanta


    I think I should ask this again, but is it possible for Z Futures to be manipulated, it is an electronic market, but has the lowest volume of all European indexes

    What do I mean by manipulation ? I mean getting stopped out for 1 point, and then the market just reverses and goes in the original direction I thought of !

    I thought that because it is an electronic market it is just matching buy and sell orders, and no manipulation is possible, is this correct ?