Yup... no way will you get rich with IB, Mirus futures here I come

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  1. like most of you I am with IB

    with IB you don't need to lose sleep

    but quite frankly you won't get rich with 3.5 k margin per index contract

    when I calculate how much money I would have made doing double the size with 500 bucks per contract

    like for example with MIRUS futures

    I would be damn stupid to stay with IB
  2. DmanX

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    Just keep your IB account for the data feed.
  3. Impatient money is stupid money.

    Good luck getting rich.
  4. If that's so, I wouldn't expect you to change, cold/c-kid.
  5. moarla


    it depends all on
    1) how much money you have
    2) how much money on single contract you are able to make a day

    you can be very rich very soon with IB, if you can trade

  6. first clever thing you ever said :p
  7. you should watch me wait for setups and gauge the trend

    a freakin sleeping duck

    a fat sleeping duck :p
  8. I won't tell you money

    but I will say, I make 200 bucks per car per day

    so for me its a HUGE difference 500 or 3.5 k per car

    as I imagine it is a huge difference for any trader
  9. moarla


    200 bucks / car? what u are doing all day long? looking prono and trade for 15 minutes?
    that are 4 ES points ????????????????
  10. LOL you just gave me quite a laugh

    you see I honestly fancy myself a pretty good trader

    but if what you say is true

    I SUCK :D :D

    keep in mind I am not automated

    you probably are :(
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