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  1. Hey Aphex, isn't this in your neck of the woods? Sounds like a lawsuit to me...

    "Man Finds Mouse in Popeye's Fried Chicken
    A Baltimore man says he bit into a deep-fried mouse while eating a fried chicken meal from a Popeye's restaurant. According to WBAL-TV, investigating health officials have found no current signs of a mouse infestation at the restaurant, which has been closed twice before in the past two years for 'unsanitary conditions,' but the customer's complaint nonetheless 'appears to be legitimate.' The investigation is ongoing."

    I almost lost my breakfast this morning after seeing the video (which can be found through the following link...).

  2. :mad:

    Popeye's Chicken ROCKS!

    Don't mess with them...
  3. Everyone I know seems to like them too. I hear that their chicken is really low in carbs and is great for people on Atkins!!!

    I just don't know if that mouse fur would be good for me (dry heave).