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  1. looks like taco bell got a new mascot!!!
  2. LMAO! Had a nice laugh this morning on that one.Pretty nasty.
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    When I was 18, I worked for a few hours at a high end steak and seafood restaurant. A world champion boxer and famous trainer ate there that night. My first job was to clean the employee bathroom. No big deal I think. I open the door and there is a whole in the roof, two dead rats and the floor is completely covered in rat droppings. Also, the kitchen floor was covered in grease. A cook would drop rolls on that floor and just put them right in a basket and then a waiter would serve them. I noticed the restaurant was closed a couple of years later.
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    a couple charts

    should be all over the news tonight, I wouldn't eat there and I think a lot of folks won't eat there anymore, 2 nasty breakouts in a couple months, I would guess they'll try to hold it up for awhile but this can't be good for yum

    cramer will probably be screaming buy, buy, buy tonight
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    Can you say taste like chicken?
  6. it really isnt that big a deal. i have eaten at that exact taco bell several times when i went to NYU. of course i wouldnt eat there anymore if i still ate fastfood but many food establishments in NYC have roach and rat problems. the average consumer normally doesnt have the chance to see hordes of them roaming around like that. plus this location is a franchise, which is alot better (for YUM) than being corporate owned.

    if you ever pass by closed eateries in NYC late at night, take a minute and look in the windows. it is not uncommon to see a rodent scurry across the floor.

    it makes me wonder why the media and CNBC jumped all over this story so hard. perhaps someone in the newsroom shorted some YUM beforehand?
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    I really think this may be a Buy The News play. Yum's growth is happening internationally, especially in China. They just need to capture the rats here and feed them to the chi-coms. That's a win-win!
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