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  1. Expectations beating earnings(though weak comparable sales or whatever) stock breaking down out of a multiyear trading range. Short. It does appear to be a good "long term investment" but that's off-topic :p
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    I disagree with this being a "good long term investment" I see thier brands continuing to lose market share in the future

  3. Hey Mr Pro trader were have you been, I was waiting for you to post your little esignal snap shot last Friday, you just disappeared, after insulting me. And it seems your still insulting others as well without any logical basis.
  4. IMHO Yum will stay on the down slide, most of their franchises make the greasiest and unhealthiest food/products. Americans as a whole are looking for more nutritional/healthier food and KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco bell is not were its at.
    A&W, 1919
    KFC, 1952
    Long John Silver’s, 1969
    Pizza Hut, 1958
    Taco Bell, 1962
  5. Will they afford it during the next recession? :D
    Seriously though, you're probably right about that, though I figured growth from other countries will be substantial. Fast food is a big fad in China and Yum is taking full advantage of that(19% of operating earnings from China, think when the Yuan is revalued, that'll be 38%!)
  6. Cover... Eh the post is a bit late, 49 now.
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    Pizza Hut brand chief wants consumers to 'believe'
    Marianne Radley wasn't looking to leave Monster Energy. But when she was approached about a new job and found out it was with Pizza Hut, she quickly changed her mind. "As a marketer for the past 20 years I've always kept an eye on the Pizza Hut brand," she said. "... Honestly, I just felt as though the brand didn't have a consistent message." Now at Pizza Hut, Radley has her work cut out for her.(Ad Age)