YUM -- E-coli

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  1. More stores affected.

    Puts look yummy.

    YUMXL @ 0.10, any takers?

    Maybe develop an esoteric put/call derivative and name it a Bacteria Spread?

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself, just had to puke up that idea.

    Any more puns?
  2. The story has been out for days, and the stock hasn't gone below $60.50. It was even up a few percent yesterday. Delta on YUMXL is .14 and spread is .10, so the stock likely has to drop more than $1.00 before you can see any profit.
  3. YUMXL @ 0.30 last 0.25

    Loufah -

    Good analysis, glad to see you're on your toes. Let me ask you, would you prefer to buy the calls then, maybe sell them?
    Come on man put it together, build the derivative! Take your claim to fame by building the Bacteria Spread. You can do it dude!

    Keep in mind its a spec play. You do for fun. Throw some pocket change at it that you would normally blow at the track. It helps maintain one's sense of humor and perspective.

    I'm sorry, what's the % difference between 0.10 and 0.25?
  4. YUMXL @ 0.40 last 0.40
  5. YUMXL @ 0.70 last 0.65

    Where'd Loufah go?

    By the way, this selection was just pure dumb luck of finding a vulnerable stock with a some negative news as we go into expiration. No genius or guru working here. Just that little inner voice, otherwise known as a gut feeling, saying; "hey you might want to consider this!"
  6. I've been getting the runs from Taco Bell for years.

    That means it's good Mexican! :p
  7. Congratulations. Did you get out when it hit $60.60 today? I was thinking of going long if I see another bottom in that area.
  8. YUMXL @1.40 last 1.25 long @ .20
    Done @ 1.40

    Well thank you sire.

    Would love to stay with it but I'm screwed, wife saw P&L. She left my office humming........ already spent.

    Story still gaining traction, green onions all over evening news in Cali last night.

    How low can it go.....................
  9. I waded in today. Bought 5 Jan 60 calls @ 1.75. Will sell if YUM gets back to $61.00 (yesterday's close) within the next few days.
  10. I was thinking the same except I was going to sell the puts. I chickened out.
    I know my wife is probably at Tiffany's right now.
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