Yuk, another newb question re:ts2000i/data

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  1. sry..i'm justa newb :-/
    i've decided to open an acct w/ IB.. i can get their data and connect to my ts2000i via metaserver RT.( this will delete the monthly esignal bill ).

    now..does this make sense?
    are their other brokers i should consider that would allow a similar data connect?
    plus..IB has a demo trading feature i think :)

    ok..thats it, thanks for any and all replies
    (my 1st post..DONT flame me too hard.hehe)

  2. maxpi


    It does make some sense. You can collect your own history in the Global Server. I never tried it, but it probably is a good way to go depending on what you are doing. You get 40 symbols and more if you trade a lot.

  3. thx max.. yea, seemed like a nobrainer, but then..like i mentioned, im kinda newbish :confused:
  4. maxpi


    Nothing in trading is a nobrainer, believe me.
  5. sgr


    You mentioned IB having a demo trading future....
    Don't count on it! IB has a demo system. It is intended as a way to try out order entry and such... It is good for that, but don't expect it to allow you to papertrade. The prices are delayed and not at all real. If you are looking for a 'demo' trading feature, you need to look at some of the front-ends available: bracket trader/button trader/autotrader/ zeroline trader and a few others that don't come to mind immediately.

    As for replacing Esignal, well, it certainly does for me. But again, there is a warning: IB does not claim to send every tick (aka transaction) that occurs. They send a snapshot of the trades every fraction of a second. This means that if you compare your TS/IB charts to an esignal user, you will have to adjust the number of ticks/bar by some factor. Maybe 60-80%? Something like that, but who knows? On the other hand, if the market moves fast, the esignal user is going to get every tick, but late, while we will get most of the ticks as they happen.

    BTW, I am very happy with IB and hyperserver/TS2k. It does the job for $0/month. (and the current limit is 100 symbols, unless you trade a lot.)
  6. that helps a lot.. i've a ways to go, no doubt. but dam..i'm havin fun. really appreciate the feedback

  7. jrkob


    I am using TS2000i + IB + HyperServer and the combination works very very well. This setup is very stable (on my computer), not a single crash in 18 months I've been using it.

    And I don't seem to only have a "snapshot" of the trades, I get them all (I trade HSI exclusively). The daily volume I get is identical to the one disclosed on the HKFE website.
  8. hang on...Are u guys using the hyperserver lite? free version?
    for real time data from ib?
  9. jrkob


    Exactly, that's what HyperServer Lite is for. And free, yes.

    You seem to be surprised. Did you experience any problem when trying this combination ?
  10. hehe,nosir..i just was unaware.
    i assumed i would PAY fer sumpin..
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