YTD Trader P/L 2010

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  1. Trader P/L 2010 thread is a little difficult for me to read. Most of the traders post daily performance. As daily performance is a too short time, I hope this thread can help people who are interested to know other traders YTD performance. So let's see how it goes.

    You can report your performance as the following format if you wish

    Account Size
    YTD % gain
    Graph to show the YTD gain is better
    Any other information you want to share

    Good luck, everyone.
  2. If you deposit and withdraw, please just estimate your percentage gain.
  3. gambler2075 2010 ytd

    well done buddy
  4. Tony, that's not my starting capital. That's my Net P/L from the beginning of 2010 (starting with approximately $190K). So, I'm only up approximately 26% since the beginning of the year. But, then again, I'm VERY HAPPY with +26% in 3 months.


  5. With all of that said, I'm going to be making a major withdraw next month (probably around $20K to $30K) to pay last year's taxes out of my account.

  6. according to neke's previous thread, he is very successful in

    800% in 2005.
    93% in 2006.
    187% in 2007.
    447% in 2008.
    57% in 2009.

    here is graph of 2009
  7. leonarda


    some of these P/L make me want to give up! my amazing +1% over 3 months isn't alot to write home about! (sob sob...!)
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