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  1. so you really think the yahoos on yahoo are trading 2-3 million shares of this turd a day, and holding the price up?

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    Keep in mind that 2-3 million shares of YRCW is only about 1.3 to 2 million USD.

    I don't know the identity of all buyers, and whether or not they post on the Yahoo board for YRCW.

    However what I do know is that many YRCW buyers don't fully appreciate the dilution that will happen later this month.

    rmorse is right in saying that Reg SHO accounts for some of the demand for the shares, but it doesn't explain all of the demand, particularly that occurring between 10am and 3pm each day.
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  5. my putz good
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    trading between 7 cents and 10 cents now.
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  7. Good call. You think the stock price will go up from here?
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    balance and Institutions holders not really good.
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    Now that YRCW is at 6 cents I don't have a strong opinion on the stock one way or another.

    However as posted earlier in the thread it was an obvious short opportunity leading up to the shareholder meeting.
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  10. it was so obvious that you could barely make any money doing it.

    on the other hand, Ive given out huggggge winners here with 100% gains.

    tried to warn the room weeks ago that it was all over.

    sorry to see, none of you heeded the warn.

    now I buy your puke up margin called shares
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