"You've Insulted 10's millions workers"

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  1. did you watch the Greenspan testimony today at 11:30am EST?

    Rep. Bernard Sanders (VT) tore into Greenspan something terrible with that quote. He followed Maxine Waters (CA) in her challenging him to show where the jobs are that these tax cuts have produced.

    GSPN just couldn't answer.....

    watch out markets....
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    Sanders and Waters. What a pair to draw to, huh? I've seen the future and it's socialism.:mad:
  3. Greenspan is speechless today. He just got shitted on by Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Barney Franks, and others on both sides of the isle.

    Greenspan must GO.
  4. Economy is in a hard spot, jobless anemic recovery, Greenie is the convenient target.

    It's a setup for the Dems to hit Bush next year in the election and for those Republicans attacking him, they are playing to thier elderly constituents.
  5. be careful what you say -- you may be voting for that higher minimum wage at mickey D's pretty soon....:eek:

    so true -- it's realpolitik at it's worst...

    AMEN to that!!! Politicians should ride to work in a taxi like the rest of us...fuck those spending assholes.
  6. I hate greenspan....but Sanders is a little over the top...what the hell does greenspan have to do with prescription and health insurance? and lamenting that Walmart doesn't;t pay much??? How much should you pay a moron to scan a magnet and stock shelves??? 20.00 an hour like he mentioned???,,,,,AND IF I HEAR THIS BITCH ABOUT TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH ONE MORE TIME...im going to pull my hair out....DEATH TO TAXES!!! Downsize the government:D .....
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    That how dem Dems play the game, without fail. It's almost like the old Groucho Marx song, "Whatever it is, I'm against it."
  8. Maxine Waters is a neanderthal of the highest (make that "lowest") order. When I hear these bumpkins from Congress discussing matters they couldn't possibly comprehend, it reminds me of a great Winston Churchill quote...

    "The greatest argument against democracy, is a 5 minute conversation w/ the average voter." (could easily be changed to "a 5 minute conversation with the average Congressperson").

    But as we know -- it isn't necessarily that democracy is the best way -- it's the ONLY WAY

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    We are on track, well almost,

    - America has lost 3 million private sector jobs in the last two years

    -Long term unemployment has more than tripled

    -Unemployment is higher than it has been since 1994

    -A 4 Trillion dollar National debt

    -1.4 million Amercians have lost their health insurance

    - Millions of seniors can't afford perscription drugs

    - Middle class families can't send their kids to college because they don't have the money to do it

    - Bankruptcy cases have increased a record breaking 23 %

    - Business investment is at its lowest level in more than 50 years

    - CEOs' make more than 500 times what their workers' make

    - Middle class is shrinking

    - We have the greatest gap between the rich and the poor of any industrialized nation

  10. ... and 3 of my 4 shorts are against me today.

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