You've heard it here - after election - BOOM, BOOM time

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  1. War is coming. Look for market sell off, oil, gold spike, also dollar stronger. Watch your pants and ease off stocks, buy later cheap!
    It is all negotiated, Netenyahu will wait 4+ more weeks and after he will bomb the shit out of the Iranians. Nukes are not out of the question, these people've learned their lesson and Iran should not be fucking with the Jews, not now, not ever.
    By the way I am not war mongering but not a fucking thing anyone can do now, except pray and wait....
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    Buy puts?

    Of course, I doubt you'll put your money where your mouth is...

  3. FYI, I have 5% of my net worth in stocks...I do not gamble like you peeps...
    I also like silver a lot, double the action than gold. An old post of mine already stated it (someone asked about the imaginery $50,000-found_money. ) I'd put all in silver (except I do not have 50k in cash to blow), but silver is very choppy and in case of a war the gold_bugs get their wet-dream coming so gold might be better than silver. I do not touch options but that does not mean it would be a bad play....
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    So, what you are really saying that your speculation are all entirely idle. You don't have enough confidence in them to make a play for it.

    I see.

  5. No, I do wery well without gambling, if I "need a fix", I'd go to the casino. I don't do anyhing o margin and never buy options, as they are worthless from the start.
  6. What if he bombs right on ELECTION day, that would be awesome.
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    Do you sell them instead?
  8. Israel can't be seen as the aggressor ... I think they're hoping Iran will attack first.
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    Why do you keep talking about gambling? No one is talking about gambling. Or is all of investing gambling to you? Is buying an option gambling to you because you don't know what an option is?

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