You've gotta be kidding me...

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    Is that a joke or for real?

    Hell, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat, just to listen to him do a State of the Union!
  2. Walken is one of my favorite actors. His cameo in the movie "True Romance" is an absolute was his monologue in "Pulp Fiction".

    Comedian Jay Mohr does a spot on impression of him, it's hysterical.:D
  3. maxpi


    The monologue in pulp fiction is a classic. It seemed like he was trying not to laugh, which made it a lot better. One of my alltime favorite movies stars CW, "Dogs of War", absolutely bitchin' from beginning to end, well, it slows a bit in the middle but it serves the purpose of telling the story.

    Hmmm. Christopher Walken as president... Could be an improvement. People say he zones out, just stops everything and is found staring straight ahead, nobody home, can't be aroused... If he zoned out during the televised debates it would be a problem for him, or it might work, people would think he was a mystic.
  4. I zone out like that all the time, nobody think's im a mystic.
  5. I remember him in SNL. This could be our President!