You've been challenged dgabriel

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  1. in chit chat. Now we'll see if you're a man or woman.
  2. he challenged me, then like a woman, immediately backed down!

    read it in "chit chat"
  3. "I would entertain a $1,000,000 bet that your true trading records over a 7 year period fail to match in gross profits the average of the top 1% of all traders over the last 7 years."

    I never said gross profits, I'm a single person, not a massive hedge/mutual fund. But I did say "PERCENTAGE RETURN".

    come out from your rock dgabriel.
  4. Jesse... If you lose that're gonna have to ask your parents to increase your allowance.

  5. I totally agree with you that my antics here are totally childish, and immature, to say the least.

    But, I do get a cheap thrill from it, and the trading day is usually quite boring.

    I also have reason to do what i'm doing. I was provoked many moons ago, and i'm back for my revenge.
  6. I met the challenge, you shied away and weaseled out.

    "er um, I did'nt mean to include traders who really make big bucks"

    "Oh, I can't bet that much"
  7. "What you said is you multiplied your initial capital by a factor of 6.89 in 5 years. Hawahaahahahaha! A monkey throwing darts did that well. In fact, you might be that monkey."

    find me a monkey who made +689% on a seven figure account from 1996-2001 please.

    dgabriel is so smart he says its easy to make +689% from 1996-2001, even though the market had dropped handily by the end of 2001. You show how stupid you are right there.
  8. San Antonio Zoo. You can't miss him. He tries to mate and when challenged by the alpha male he runs away and cries out loud from the corner.

    Zookeeper calls him Jesse J.
  9. Re: go contact don bright

    Quote from Jesse J.:

    he's the only person of trust around here.

    and what does your research say?

    no matter what you tell me, I will bet.

    I must tell you, I already know what the top 1% made, and it's no where close to my figure. So we need to find a reputable source. For example, my auditor knows the top 1%, and is a VERY REPUTABLE auditor. So we'll go with their figures, ok?

    i appreciate your candor, but i think a 3rd party auditor that can be picked by people on this site. once the poll is in for the most we will select that auditor, no need to get don involved...we will use that info.

    what happened to our 10 grand bet??? if you made as much as you said that should be pocket more talking lets do it!
  10. I thought I was betting dgabriel as well.

    My auditor is one of the most reputavle in the country. I have his top 1% figures. We need to find a reputable source to find the numbers!


    you say even a monkey can make 600% from 1996-2001? Wasnt the nasdaq DOWN during that period?

    show me that monkey who made that much, and i'll hire him!
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