youtube videos the way most traders are trading?

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  1. hello,

    after watching some videos on youtube i wonder if most traders trade this way... level II, charts, t&s...

    id like to ask the professional traders (with more than 10yrs exp) if they think these methods in the videos resemble your methods at all...

    thank you
  2. Check out Today Trader (sgomez858) on You Tube. That is how a professional trader trades.
  3. its amazing how the internet lets "anyone" claim to be a rock in roll star "

    ok that being said .. here is another helpful hint on how to trade

    off the charts
  4. I have seen the sgomez one... It seems like his method works for him.

    For day trading I imagine this method can work. But what about for pro traders doing higher volume.

    So far no pro wants to speak about this. I can understand why.
  5. its different then retail

  6. Good one SethArb!
  7. The only videos that make me suspicious are the ones with a magical indicator that always beats the market, and any Jim Cramer videos.
  8. Quote from SethArb:

    its all nonsense ...

    the secret is within ourselves

    The difficulty is reaching within ourselves. Any ideas how to do this.
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