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  1. Any trading videos to fill in the time in front of the monitors?

    Any favorites????? Funny, educational, unique..... as log as it has to do with trading.

  2. The one where I believe a Scandinavian guy jumps over the desk to pummel the guy who was pestering him. :cool:
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  4. This was my all time favorate. I don't know if he was able to stick it out but I recall at the time that had he held on for just a few hours, the trade turned around and he could have broken even.
  5. that trade was likely SIM...

    it's good to do the SIM videos to make it interesting for youtube...

    it may not be, but i would bet that it is...
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    I don't know man....that dude is very pissed off. Looks like an IB account. Do they have SIM accounts on IB ?
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    i'd say real

    lol he reminds me of me
  8. I may switch my channel to an option trading channel
  9. We don't f*ck around.
  10. He ran a site/blog called High Probability Trading.. or something like that, you can see from the watermark on the video.

    The video comes from his live broadcast.

    So basically he's a young cocky guy who built himself up with some luck then reality beat him back down in one trade.

    He's blown out a few times, if I recall correctly from reading through his blog, but I think this was the worst.

    In prospective, his loss isn't that big when compared to some other online trading personalities that blew up.
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