Youtube guy who teaches trading SnP minis?

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  1. Someone posted it before and I really liked it. I reformatted my cmputer so it's no longer in my favorite places...any one know what I'm talking about?
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    Yes, good stuff.
  4. technically speaking, the more traders that watch and follow this,the more true it will be, correct?

    Consequently making exit points the factor in profits?
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    I know what you are saying, but even if he gets 10,000 subscribers, I don't think their collective size will either further validate or invalidate the simplicity of his S&R levels.

    The eminis just trade too much volume.

    And don't forget, the guys who are trading big size most likely have egos which are way to big to allow them to get tips off of youtube.
  6. I was more asking because of my curiosity towards his motivation to post his strategies. Generally in zero (negative) sum games, offering your strategy would hurt you. But here getting people on the bandwagon helps right?
  7. These threads pop up every week or so, I'd call it spamming if I didn't know any better. The last one was identical, and foolishly trusting the ET wisdom I subscribed to him again. His videos for the most part, suck. JMHO.
    I have subscriptions to traders on YouTube, and this guy isn't it. I think I unsubscribed twice.
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    He's not giving away 'his' strategy. He's simply teaching people to use support and resistance and how to determine those levels. Not rocket science, just common practices used by every profitable trader. The difference is he's teaching it via a youtube channel. using visual methods.

    Renegen, are you saying you don't believe in using support and resistance?
  9. You're right paj, all he does is "teach" support and resistance. It takes me 3 seconds to determine the levels he explains. It's a joke, and it doesn't help he calls it "teaching you how to fish". Tell me paj, can you become profitable just by drawing your nice lines?
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    I'm making money with my pretty lines. ;)
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