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  1. There are several Youtubers who make day trading look like a child's game. Ross Cameron and Andrew Aziz are the main guys I found and watch. Then there is Mier Barak and a ton of others who have no idea what they are doing. Patrick Wieland who is relatively new to trading and comes off as a buffoon somehow made ten grand in a couple months trading the low floats. Has anyone looked into these guys? Ross is over here having like 30-80k months... and he preaches buying the "first one minute candle to make a new high" on low float stocks that have no daily resistance. Doesn't take a while to figure out if you do this you will lose your ass most of the time. Far more false break outs than real ones.

    I have been trading for about a year now on stocks in the basket of Andrew and Ross, and I'm almost always just getting dumped on. These guys almost never have a losing trade and they post daily. They both use TI which I tried and felt like without proprietary code, would be mostly worthless. The only thing I'm not doing is using level 2, which I didn't think was worth much. I can't believe that that's the only thing I'm missing. Trying to read level 2, the charts, paying attention to VWAP and, then Ross' charts look like absolute terror when you consider all these indicators, and monitoring the scanner at the same time... uhhhhhh I don't think so.
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    Red flag right there, yes?
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    I went 78 months before my 1st losing month.
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    Kudos to Patric, for exploiting Mier Barak, Tradenet, him ( Mier ) owning 50% of company , that is registered in Cyprus , offering CFD's, dumping fake dislikes from Russia on Patric's videos & etc...

    Why not to, transition completely, for this summer - to swing trading ?
    ( that kind of change, already, sounds exciting to me , with hope, that it would benefit you )

    ,,Massive action - different approach''
    - Anthony Robins
  5. Andrew does daily recaps and shows his entries and exits, his losses are never even close to the money he makes.
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    Indeed! I stand corrected. Is your YouTube video channel monetized?
  7. First off these guys are doing what they love and making millions doing it. You should be learning from them. They took your money didn't they?

    Secondly and I will probrably only say this once, trading is a very easy gig. You come up with a strategy that works and you milk it until it does not. The hard part of trading is research and learning new skills. A majority of people on this board and in life do not do this. This post will probrably be ignored but for the other few: Learn the skills; math, programming... I can not say I am a successful trader, but I can tell you I have made most of my money through research. The rest is plug and play.

    ** disclaimer I am at a patio party
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    Sir, Can you please please please teach me a few rules and tips?
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    Hah- in 1985?
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    Ross Cameron has (only) 30-80K days and he’s swinging millions from subscribers?
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