YouTube channels that actually teach useful information?

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    What are some youtube channels you guys have come across/or use that actually provide valuable information and are not trying to sell you a methodology?
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    it says an "error occured" could you send a physical link instead or the name of this channel?
  3. it was a joke in poor taste, but you said educational not trying to sell anything. You didn't say on what subject matter. If you really want to see it check out Taj Mahal Guitar lesson one. Just something you'll find on Utube not commercially available anywhere else. I once saw a guy who recorded himself losing 15k on a Sunday night in ES when the mkt was closed for holiday on Monday and he only knew one word (the f*** word), then there was the one of the guy who claimed every 15 min bar on a bar chart was an entry on GBP.JPY.

    otherwise, ET is the only place you'll find info from people who barely want to share but couldn't care less about selling. Sometimes traders enjoy talking about what they are doing or have done as long as they can stay anonymous and don't have to prove they are not lying.

    What is it you want to do? What is it you want to learn?
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  4. Watch them all -- with a grain of salt. :confused:
    ...and it will all start to make sense, and come to you...eventually.
  5. Ross Cameron's channel is good to watch if you're just starting out. He offers some good ideas.
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  6. I like Tommy Sotomayor I learn a lot about fighting watching his stuff [like who to avoid like the plague] I learned a lot about safe driving by watching Russian dashcam crash compilations too...

    They have a search box there actually, you can find stuff that interests you. I wouldn't say that youtube by itself is educational but it can fill you in on things, flesh out what you read about things..
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    There are tons of good channels but they involve math and statistics. So not sure if that is what you are looking for but there are thousands of useful videos and all free.
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    hahah i'd like to learn just some of the fundamentals to trading methodology, specifically swing and even day trading. entry, exit, signals etc
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    Any particular reason why you're so vague ?

    This is what you need to do. Sit down and decide for yourself what you're interested in learning. Next, type the key words in Youtube search. Lots of good free info there and you'll just have to skip over the stuff where someone is trying to sell something.

    You could just go to Amazon and look for interesting books.

    Someone just posted a thread here at the forum with a list of top 10 useful books for traders. I recommend you read that thread...may be useful.
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    Yes, I would recommend reading a couple of books first to understand the vernacular and technical nuts and bolts. A good primer is John Murphy's Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets. Your time frame(s) can be decided later, signals are signals. Don't be in a hurry, if you are successful and the numbers are against you, it will likely take much longer than you would wish. This is a tough business but a great one if you succeed. Once you understand what is going on, your best education may come from watching price development on the charts......many many hours of observation and things will start to make sense. Price action is typically not as pretty as examples in books or seminar/workshops.
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