YouTube ads are driving me Fkng nuts

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by KCalhoun, Nov 12, 2020.

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    Way more ads on YouTube lately....... aaggghhh!

    B had a post on the topic.... is it a pita to set up and pay for red etc?

    YouTube ads make me want to hurl a fucking dumbbell at my bigass Samsung tv aaarrrggh wtf lol
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    It's so worth the minimal monthly cost to have no ads. Remember... the value of your own time is what's most important. So if you can save time because you're cutting out commercial distraction, that has a lot of value.
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  3. I watch you tube all the time. I have never seen an ad "external" to the video. Yes, those that depend on income from these ads won't appreciate it much, but then many of the people I watch puts ads from sponsors in their video. Then I watch and they get money. Sorry if this bothers anybody. Heck, I always mute any and all commercials on TV too. Somehow the advertisers stay in business! :rolleyes:

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    Been such a long time since ive NOT had YouTube Red/Premium. Should definitely take them up on any first month free offer and see for yourself. I believe it also facilitates the ability to turn your phone screen off, put it in your pocket, and listen like a podcast. Saves battery, keeps your pocket from changing the channel, and can listen while working certain kinds of jobs via bluetooth.

    But because of so much de-monetizing of anything political Google wishes to squash, i hear a lot of ads read by the pundit i'm listening to. These are sponsors they have found, or who have found them. If the screen is on, i can double tap to the right to get it to move ahead ten seconds. Do it again for twenty seconds. If i do end up listening to part or all of the ad, it's not as annoying as the alternative from YouTube, which forces you to listen a number or seconds before skipping, and then, if you don't skip the rest it just keeps going. Sometimes the pundit will pre-record these sections, but most times, they read it live on air, switching out, then back into their monologue. This is not as annoying as the alternative.

    However, in sampling Louder With Crowder recently, i noticed how annoyed i was the way they read their ads. They try to segue them in too seamlessly as if they could try sneak it on you. Half the time you don't even know they are advertising and that in itself is annoying. On top of that, i get the vibe they really don't respect the advertiser. the idiotic way they read it. I have to say, Louder With Crowder is so annoying to listen to, it's better to listen to the advertisements, and it's annoying they think their silly three-ring-circus banter is more interesting than what their sponsors want to say.

    If you do go Red, it might include other services like YouTube Music, a decent way of handling that kind of media.
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    It's not just Youtube showing more ads during this Pandemic...cable TV too.

    Yesterday, I decided to count the number of Ads (commercials) during one of my favourite shows...each time the show went on a commercial break...

    They average 10 - 12 commercials. The same thing for the next commercial breaks...unreal.

    I've never seen Youtube and the TV this bad. Never. In fact, 30min shows now last 45mins and they fill in the remaining 15min time slot with weird "short films".

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