You're going to hate this brutally honest post!

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    So you think you got into the Burger King management program for more freedom?

    Well, guess what, suckers? Managing a fast-food franchise is a SERIOUS job. It's a fact that only a small percentage of BK management candidates ever make it past the initial training stage. And if you got into this profession hoping for free whoppers and to meet the babes, you're in for a rude awakening, little missies. I've put in more hours cooking fries, flipping burgers, mopping floors, and washing dishes than I ever did on any other job. It takes Discipline! I've seen cashiers give out the wrong change and sandwich-makers put on too many pickles because they were too busy dreaming about all the things they were going to buy when they got that minimum-wage paycheck at the end of the week. It's the disciplined trainee that studies his BK manual - his Bible - and starts off each and everyday with the proper attitude that will ultimately get on the track to be an alternate swing-manager on that coveted afternoon-shift. You're not your own boss, pal, you're not anyone's boss until you learn Discipline (and how to clean out the deep-fat fryer).

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  2. I give all due respect to you Mr. BK manager, my friend. I put in 9 months at Bennigan's and learned more about humility, discipline, and serving other people than I learned in my previous 23 years of life. I applaud you for having put yourself through that.

    I believe that everyone should work at a restaurant/fast food joint at some point in their lives.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I admire this type of honesty.
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