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  2. Brilliant. All his time, they haven't paid any taxes. Who knew?
  3. I would hope that almost everyone here would get behind a 15% flat tax on income, or alternatively, a national sales tax in lieu of an income tax.

    The time has come.

    If government can't discipline its spendthrift ways, starve the beast.

    It's not their money.
  4. Just to see how many pickup truck chasing dogs I could scare up.
    Figures you'd bite AAA.
  5. cuz69


    Well... ByLo,

    Thin I finally agree with you on something. I support a Flat Tax.
    I just think at 15%, (which is fine with me) you would have too many saying it's not enough of a tax on the rich. IMO
  6. Well that would disagree with the founding father's views, specifically Jefferson's views, that taxation should be graduated with the rich paying a higher percentage.

    "Another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise." --Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1785.

    So I ask you Cuz, AAA, and any others -- why was Jefferson wrong?
  7. This is the SINGLE BIGGEST ISSUE on my personal radar screen.

    If we have any hope for this country, we must move to lower tax rates, possibly make those taxes based on consumption and not productivity, and radically cut government spending.

    And let's have all the Republicans admit one fundamental and stark fact: In 6 out of the last 8 years that Bush had GOP control of the Senate and H0fR, THE U.S. NATIONAL DEBT DOUBLED TO NEARLY 10 TRILLION USD.


    It's time for the Republicans to be punished.
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    Curiuos as to why you didn't include ByLoSellHi in your post?
    Since it was his post I was responding to.

    All I said is I agreed with him. 15% would be fine with me, but I never said I was rich. I just think many would have a problem with the rich paying 15%.

    I also feel I could invest my money better than the gov, to respond to another one of his points.
    But thats going to lead us into a privitization of Social Security
  9. Anyone is free to argue why Jefferson is wrong.

    Let me help you:

    "Jefferson was wrong about a graduated tax system because..."
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    Govt spending? The Democrats are bigger govt spenders.
    And r u forgetting that there is war ( that had that piece of shit Clinton, had 3 chances to get Bin Laden) that we might/probably would not be in right now.

    And one more thing, I have stated in many threads, since the Dems are so concerned about the US and nothing else, like the rest of the world doesn't exist.

    How about the wasteful spending done right here at home...i.e(welfare,overcrowded prisons, SSI, Section 8 low income housing, funding school systems where the teachers and the kids don't give a fuck... to mention a few)

    Oh but I forgot, thats not waste . Thats ok. To let people in our own country suck us dry! And BO and JB support these issues.

    If Democrats were truly concerned about their own country, than clean up your own backyard!
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