Your trading Tools.. What are they?

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  1. In this day and age, we all need tools of some kind to give us a little bit of an "Edge" wherever we are and/or whatever we are doing.. So I want to start this thread off today on the topic of trading tools. I'd like to gather some info on what everyone on ET is using to place their trades that makes them better than the average trader.

    For me, I use Metastock 10.1 and use the RMO indicator along with volome and that's about it. If price is moving in a direction other than sideways, I'm in. If it changes direction, I reverse. Pretty simple.

    Now, you all may know I had a falling out about a week ago when I lost my composure and made a rant about trading being a scam. I don't really think it is exactly a scam but I do think it can take people's money faster than make it for them. I was one of the victims who lost money at first, and still do till this day. Sure, I have good days, but I am starting to realize that it is best to not trade in markets that don't look like they have much direction.

    Ok, back to the thread. What tools do you use that enhance your trading performance? Specifics would be nice!

  2. Lol, BnB you are under the impression that the market "owes" you a living or a great fortune and when it didnt bestow it for you early on, you started to get frustrated and spouted conspiracy theories. The same thing will happen here, people may respond with all sorts of answers but I GUARENTEE you wont find any of it truly helpful for quite some time. Cause anyone who uses tools that has afforded them success, has spent many many hours and days perfecting their use. You'll try and try and probably give up if you dont get results right away, just based on the nature of your personality and the threads you've started thus far.

    You'll have to see for yourself, thats just my prediction :)
  3. Dear BNB,

    My favorite indicator is too buy when people like you aren't posting on ET and sell when you are.

    Thank you for providing me with such a profitable indicator.

    Yours truly,
  4. computer quotes
  5. Best tool for any trader is found between one's ears.

    Blowing up and going on a temper tantrum is definitely not a good trait for successful traders. No hardware/software tools will help such folks.

    Does that help?
  6. CNBC's awesome guests, and Jim Cramer.....He's the man!!!

  7. Sharp Brain + Good Eyes + Fast reflexes + Lots of good and learned experiences = Best chance for success in trading
  8. I do whatever stock trad3r says to do.

  9. mde2004


    I have an "edge" with Cramer show Mad Money. Booyah BnB.
  10. You too!? I thought I was the only one who knew how incredible that guy is! Wow, I'll have to rethink my tool cabinet...maybe stock_turder's idea of using "computer quotes" is really something worth looking at. :p
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