Your trading software under Windows under Parallels on a Mac

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JohnBob, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. JohnBob


    This topic has been touched on in other threads, but people seem to have conflicting experiences.

    Giles and Jayford have different experiences under Parallels as noted over on Jayford's thread, for example. And the topic has been touched on in other threads, I believe.

    So I thought I might try get people's comments that have been scattered in other threads into one "definitive" thread.

    This is an approach I am considering, so I am interested in other's experiences. What data feed and trading software do you use? What tweaks did you make to optimize your trading environment? Do you have any other relevant comments? (Other than, "Why in the world would you want to use that setup?". Just humor us. :) ) I currently feed eSignal into TS 2000i under Windows 98 SE (ugh!!).

    And if this issue has been hammered out in another thread, apologies. Just point me to it.


  2. I have no experience with it. I was also looking for info. So far, about half a dozen people have informed me that running Parallels with a MS product really strains CPU. This will obviously slow everything down unless you have a ton of RAM, or are only running one program or so. I run several at once. No problem at all with just WIN XP, and 1 gig on a Dell. I run a broker platform, TA software, web browser, and occaisionally a 4th program.