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    I been asked for 42 years, what did the market do, how the heck do I know? Just cause I have 3 screens, constantly at one point heard chirping, beeps, order filled in background, take 200-300 trades in hey day, have no understanding of what the market did, which market?

    Many many people have lost huge sums for so called bull market, maybe same ones who believe in terms of over bought/over sold, Enron at zero is over sold, who bought Bitcoin at $5 and knees shaking when it reached $100, was that over bought? I do use terms that are actually signals like "Rocketship" or "Retail gets Screwed Again", very defined patterns, heavily backtested, but not overbought/oversold.

    This will save you much grief of discovering all your inner demons of losing huge sums, learn charting and learn how to program, chances are you never be able to program successfully until you have manually traded successfully for a few years, I never met retail trader who never manually traded first and programmed and been successful. Maybe there are? Nothing beats a well backtested system that shows makeable consistent profits, it beats psychology every time in my book, but I do go for hypnosis 1-12 times a year for various problems like OCD, allowing to shake hands with people-am high functioning autistic-which into it self brings many unusual problems most people don't see as a problem.

    In my heart, I believe it be easier to become a physician than to learn how to become a trader, it is this difficult to get into the 3.5% top who are breakeven to sky is no limit. I use to encourage people to get into what I do, but stopped ten years ago, I can't even explain any more of what I do as it has become so complex and yet it has become so boring, so mundane and yes thrown in rocket science physics.

    We predict/gamble on every trade we take, form of gaming, I use to play Blackjack and count cards long ago, did well enough, I predicted/gambled, the difference is well backtested system, manually traded then programmed. At some point, manual trading becomes so boring as it all becomes same old thing. Becoming a mentor helps for awhile, but OMG, this not something you can teach in a few months like a couple years.

    You have to give up much life with people to overcome the challenges to become a trader, it far easier to trade long term stocks, like it is a bull market so I been told....
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    Funny, but true.The old timer said ''its a bull market you know'' ;sounds like you know that ??LOL. And I don't post that just any old time; 1st quarter + 4th quarter tend to be strong/stocks ETFs. NOT a prediction; its a trend comment...........................................................
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