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    If you've had a trading mentor that you would like to recommend I'm all ears! PM me if you prefer. Thanks.

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    I got a name for you:

    Trial and error with 100 shares and the school of hard knocks.

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    Are you trying to say that a mentor is not worthwhile? The reason I'm looking is because I haven't been able to do it on my own. Not consistently, anyway.
  4. You are on the right track. It is extremely important to have some sort of mentor. Especially when you are at the beginning stages.
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    No one would do it for nothing. IMHO, if you learn well by watching others, then going to a firm _may_ be of benefit. However, if you have experience learning on your own, and have say, $2K to learn with [+25K so that the PDT rules does not get in the way,] then trading 100 shares and using the scientific method would put some experience on your belt.

    I am not trying to be a smart ass. I honestly do not believe trading can be taught. Only strategies can be taught, and that is not the same thing...

    I have seen Don Bright teach 100 people the same thing, and maybe 10% of those "got it." You only know three to six months later who "got it."

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    bobcathy1 Guest has a pile of mentoring programs.
    Take a look, one might fit, but they are all expensive though.
    I did a lot of Don Miller stuff myself.

    But nitro is right, it is all a matter of practice and nerves.
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    fwiw, I nominate TLo, I hope I say the right thing so my post won't get deleted. yesterday I said triple screen don't work in my opinion and bam it's gone, awhile back I made a light heart joke in 40yearoldtrader thread, "he cried a manly cry because he turned 41" gone for no good reason. sh#!
  8. The best kind of mentor is a consistently profitable trader you can sit side by side with throughout your learning curve... someone who is genuinely enthused about making you profitable and someone who doesn't charge a dime for being your mentor...

    If you find someone like that, treasure em...

    Another way to get a mentor is to put up a share of your $$ towards a "trading gang", set up an office and trade with a bunch of fun traders (some newbies, some experienced) and feed off eachother.... its a great environment.... see my website for an example...

  9. I agree with bobcathy1. Tradingmarkets is a great place to start and you can't go wrong with Don Miller.
  10. The problem with mentors is that they will try to teach you THEIR method and it might not be right for YOU. Then if you fail, the conclusion could be drawn that you just didn't have it, which may not be true. My advice would be to figure out what sytle of trading you have the most aptitude for and then see if you can find a mentor to assist you in that area.
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